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EAS EM activator&deactivator

EAS EM activator&deactivator  [Country:China]

EAS EM activator&deactivator 1.Infrared device to save energy 2.good deacticvation 3.enduring .long life 4.label remover
Relative Keyword:  EAS EM activator&deactivator, em deactivator, eas soft tags deactivators, eas em strip

RFID Security display holder

RFID Security display holder  [Country:China]

Security display holder RFID remote alarm identification alarm function charging interface
Relative Keyword:  Security display holder, wall mount display holder, acrylic eyewear display holder, mobile phone displa

Security stand for cameras display

Security stand for cameras display  [Country:China]

alarm security single display holder for camera Anti-theft alarm for cameras Security stand for cameras display
Relative Keyword:  alarm security display holder for cell phone, alarm security for mobile, display holders for china

EM Label Deactivator

EM Label Deactivator  [Country:China]

EM Label Deactivator EM strip deactivator
Relative Keyword:  EM Deactivator, tens ems, shipping ems, dental ems

EM Library Strip

EM Library Strip  [Country:China]

EM Security Tags em strip, em label, library security Strip
Relative Keyword:  EM Library Strip with Tail, led strip, copper strip, test strips

EAS Tag Detacher

EAS Tag Detacher  [Country:China]

1. EAS tag detacher, magnetic detacher 2. Made of Aluminum 3. Magnetic power: 4500GS
Relative Keyword:  tag detacher, hard super magnetic detacher

Hot sales library security system

Hot sales library security system  [Country:China]

1. EM Library Security System, EM system 2. Material: acrylic 3. Detection range: 0.8m - 1.2m
Relative Keyword:  Library security systems, Library security systems car alarm security system rfid library managment system car security syste

Phone display, cell phone pull box

Phone display, cell phone pull box  [Country:China]

1.Phone display, cell phone pull 2.Cell phone pull box, pull box 3.anti-theft pull box system
Relative Keyword:  cell phone display pull box, gift box, plastic box, jewelry box

AM hard tag

AM hard tag  [Country:China]

1. AM hard tag, eas tag 2. Frequency: 58KHz 3. Color: white, black, grey 4. Detection range: 1.30m - 1.80m
Relative Keyword:  security tag, security tag eas clothing security tags eas tag

mini pencil AM hard tag

mini pencil AM hard tag  [Country:China]

1. AM hard tag 2. Mini Pencil 3. Frequency: 58KHz 4. Working for all of AM system
Relative Keyword:  rf hard tag, mini square clothing rf hard tags, rf tag

5*5cm EAS tag RF soft label

5*5cm EAS tag RF soft label  [Country:China]

1.RF Soft Label/RF Label/EAS Label 2.Security stick label, for supermarket, retail stores' security 3.Dimension:48x50mm
Relative Keyword:  RF, 5*5cm, Deactivate, Soft, Label

EAS Rf tag deactivator Integrative decoder

EAS Rf tag deactivator Integrative decoder  [Country:China]

Dimension:240*240*18mm Deactivating Speed: 180PCS/min . Compatible with POS
Relative Keyword:  EAS Rf tag deactivator, eas system rf, eas detacher tag detacher, rf deactivator

AM/RF pencil tag

AM/RF pencil tag  [Country:China]

1. EAS HARD TAG 2. Frequency: 8.2MHz 3. Detection: 1.0-1.2m 4. Color: Black/Grey/White
Relative Keyword:  EAS 8.2MHZ HARD TAG, hang tags, luggage tag, dog tag

AM soft label

AM soft label  [Country:China]

1.Sensormatic 58KHz DR Label 2. Sensormatic Label, DR label, AM label 3. Working for any of AM system
Relative Keyword:  eas soft lable AM soft label, eas soft lable AM soft label clothing labels jeans label leather label

All-in-one EAS RF Deactivator

All-in-one EAS RF Deactivator  [Country:China]

1.rf deactivator(All-in-one) 2.degausse compound magnetic label 3.Dimension:240*240*16 mm 4.Center frequency:8.2 MHz
Relative Keyword:  EAS RF Deactivator, eas soft tags deactivators, rf label deactivate, rf tag deactivate

8.2MHz RF EAS detector aluminium alloy anti theft detector

8.2MHz RF EAS detector aluminium alloy anti theft detector  [Country:China]

1. EAS RF system 2. 8.2MHz rf detection antenna 3. Board: PCB-3800 or PCB-DSP4600 4. Detection: 0.9M - 1.9M
Relative Keyword:  8.2MHz RF System, solar system, speaker system, navigation system

EAS RF System

EAS RF System  [Country:China]

1. EAS RF system 2. 8.2MHz rf detection antenna 3. Board: PCB-3800 or PCB-DSP4800 4. Detection: 0.9M - 1.9M
Relative Keyword:  eas security systems, car alarm security system, home security alarm system


EAS DETACHER  [Country:China]

1.Dimension: 75*23mm 2.Material: Aluminum 3.Magnetic force: 7500GS
Relative Keyword:  EAS Detacher, EAS Detacher magnet eas detacher eas tag eas lock

Magnetic Steel Detacher

Magnetic Steel Detacher  [Country:China]

Magnetic Steel Detacher Dimensions:75x23mm Magnetic power>=12,000GS Made of aluminums Weight: 460g
Relative Keyword:  magnetic tag detacher, eas hard tag detacher, magnets for name tags, hard tag detacher

EAS AM 58khz system

EAS AM 58khz system  [Country:China]

1.EAS AM security system 2.largest detection range in line faul alarm 4.DSP,ASC and DMFD technology 5.highest alarm
Relative Keyword:  eas 58khz system, eas 58khz system solar system speaker system navigation system

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